RESELLER PROGRAM is since 2016 one of the largest suppliers in the world of captain armbands. With our 6 international websites we shipping more than 1000 captain armbands worldwide every week. With our Reseller Program we want to continue the growth of and also offer our Resellers a faster but especially easier solution to order their personalized captain armbands for their customers.

Start immediately

If you are eligible for the Reseller Program, you do not have to make any additional investments to gain access to the Reseller Program. You can get started immediately after admission on our special Reseller Program website and immediately place an order.
Online, easy and fast!

Your Benefits
  • Being able to offer a (full-color) personalized captain armband, available in 3 sizes
    (Pupil, Junior & Senior).
  • You can order from 1 captain armband!
  • Sharp graduated prices
  • Fast delivery, Captain-Armband can deliver your (personalized) supplier within a few working days at any location in Europe.
  • Blank delivery to your customers

By using the Reseller Program we offer you a platform where you can easily and quickly place orders from your customers. Thanks to our unique platform with personalized captains, you can attract new customers and also increase your sales through your competitive purchase prices at


On weekdays our account managers are ready to answer all your questions immediately so that you can continue directly with your own customers. One of our account managers can look directly at you to place an order or answer your questions.

  • You are a registered in Europe.
  • Your company is physically located in Europe
  • You are a (re) seller / store and sell the products of to your customers.
  • You are creditworthy and you agree that we periodically review your creditworthiness.

After placing your order, our designers will immediately start working for you to design the captain armband(s). From the information you send out how the captain armband should be designed, you will receive a digital design for approval for production. After your approval, the captain armband(s) goes into production immediately.
So you do not have to design / design yourself!